Pay-Per-Click Management

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What Is It?

Pay Per Click (PPC) management is when you create and manage advertisements for your business on search engines or social media.

The 3 biggest goals of PPC Advertisement include: 

-Having a positive Return on Investment for your ads

-Lower your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Or Cost-Per-Acquisition

-Target the most profitable/popular keywords

For Example: If it costs somebody $.75 to click your ad, you want to convert this person to buy a product/service or come to your physical location where you make more that that $.75 investment.

When done right, PPC can bring in $1000’s of dollar to your business. If done wrong, you can lose A LOT of money paying search engines/social media by bidding too much for keywords, or having irrelevant traffic come to your website.

Biggest Advantage of PPC for Search Engines

For Search Engines, if you do it right, you can instantly have your business jump to the first page of search engines for people specifically searching for your product or service. Though SEO is great for free traffic, PPC is the fastest way for your website to appear on the first page of a SERP. For a visual representation, if you refer to the picture below, this is a former client of ours with a brand new website where we instantly leap frogged their website to a first page of a Google search engine result page. If you implement good tactics, you can have the most relevant traffic and not overbid for keywords. 

Google Ad
  • Biggest Advantage of PPC for Social Media

Facebook and other social media platforms know almost everything about you. Your age, interests, job, family, income level, where you shop, and much more. As creepy as this is, it’s great for marketers like ourselves! You can create very targeted, beautiful ads for your ideal customers.

  • The Statistics on why Google Ads are so Powerful!

At OptiMonster Digital Media we focus on ranking your business as high as possible on all search engines, however we keep a keen focus on Google’s platfrom because, according to quora.com, 66% of all searches are done on Google, just 15% on Bing, and only 14% on Yahoo. Nevertheless, all the structuring of your website and strategies to increase your ranking are all very much the same on all search engines.

According to Google, there are 70,000 Google searched done every SECOND. You heard that right. Not daily, not hourly, not by the minute, but every SECOND.
Tick, there’s another 70,000 people searching on Google.
That equates to 420,000 people searching for something on Google every minute.

  • The Why

Search engines  can bring 1000’s  of people to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Whether you’re driving, hanging with the family, eating dinner, or whatever your endeavor, it is very possible to create passive income and ongoing revenue.

The question is, can we get these people to your website and create loyal customers?

Our answer: Yes!

According to Facebook, there are 2.07 Billion monthly active Facebook users. Again, creating endless advertising opportunities. Unfortunately, due to changes in Facebook’s (as well as Instagram) algorithms, organic reach is becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily we have developed key strategies to keep costs low, and utilize the platform to its fullest potential!

What goes into PPC

1. Proper campaign structure for the biggest ROI possible.

2. Target the right customers.

3. Keyword Research

4. Target keywords and keyword phrases to be able to compete against the big fish.

5. Create unique, aesthetically pleasing ads that improve click through rate (CTR).

6. Analyze analytics and make constant improvements.

7. Use the powers of PPC to fix shortcomings your business might be having.

PPC is a valuable tool that can be very powerful if leveraged properly, and could be very costly and detrimental if used incorrectly. There are hundreds of success stories from leveraging PPC, and we want your business to be another success story.

Here at OptimonsterDM, we will develop specific advertising campaigns based on your business and your budget.

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