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This client below was only getting an estimated 200 visitors per month (at most) to their old website (Figure 1-1). After OptimonsterDM created a new website and executed a SEO Strategy, this client is now ranging around 2,500 visitors a month (Figure 1-2). Around 1,500 of these visitors are coming from the organic search results of Google (Figure 1-3).

SEO Client

Figure 1-1

SEO Client

Figure 1-2

Figure 1-3

How do we do this you might ask?! We make sure your website falls within Google’s 200 point algorithm along with ranking your business in the FIRST SPOT for the most profitable keywords in your niche. Check out the screenshots below.

SEO Client

What clients say

Meet your Marketing Experts

  • Zack grew up playing chess (placing as high as 10th in the nation for his age group) and grew a love for planning ahead and putting in work for his desired vocation. After serving a stint in the fire department, he had to withdrawal because of injuries.
  • Needing a new direction in life, Zack started self educating and taking online courses on everything digital marketing. With this experience, he was hired at a digital marketing agency where he worked on hundreds of accounts for a year.
  • Realizing this agency was only helping the big corporate companies and not the small business’s that make the backbone of America, Zack decided it was time to start his own business.
  • Zack’s goals are to help as many small business owners compete against the multi-million dollar companies as possible, to avoid monopolies, and to create generational wealth for his family.
  • Brian grew up racing dirt bikes and selling lawn mowing services as early as age 6. This is where he learned the value of hard work.
  • Skip to the career oriented adult life, Brian was a manager and logistic specialist for the rail yard over the Illinois border. After realizing there’s more to life than a a soul crushing 80 hour week job, Brian realized he had to do something different.
  • After hearing about digital marketing and what his friend Zack was doing, they decided to go into business together and indulge himself on everything digital marketing.
  • Brian now finds a lot more fulfillment helping small business owners fulfill their dream.
  • Brian believes “digital marketing in today’s world is the great divine as to rather or not a business will succeed or fail in today’s digital world”.

Need more? Here's More Proof of concept

Former client of ours ranking higher than big corporate companies.

Look below to see the difference in total website visitors before and after OptimonsterDM took over

This one is hard to read (sorry) but we had a former client whose highest volume (6,600 searches per month keyword) was in the 20th position in Google (the 3rd page that nobody cares about). (1st screenshot). After using us and we fixed his website and got them to the 1st page (second column. position)

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