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What Clients Say

Clients We have Increased Website Traffic For

This client below was only getting an estimated 200 visitors per month (at most) to their old website (Figure 1-1). After OptimonsterDM created a new website and executed a SEO Strategy, this client is now ranging around 2,500 visitors a month (Figure 1-2). Around 1,500 of these visitors are coming from the organic search results of Google (Figure 1-3).

SEO Client

Figure 1-1

SEO Client

Figure 1-2

Figure 1-3

How do we do this you might ask?! We make sure your website falls within Google’s 200 point algorithm along with ranking your business in the FIRST SPOT for the most profitable keywords in your niche. Check out the screenshots below.

Figure 1-4

If you refer to the first screenshot below (Figure 1-5), you’ll see this client’s total amount of online users was 565 users before signing with us. After designing a new website and 1 month of Facebook and Google Marketing Services, we grew that number from 565 users in one month to 1,365 users in one month (Figure 1-6)!

Figure 1-5

Website Pricing

Gold Website

$ 949
One Time Cost
  • Up to 7 Pages
  • Secure Website
  • Search Engine Optimization Built In
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Speed Optimization
  • Conversion Set Up
  • Much More
  • Hosting, Backups, Updates not included

Monthly Website Plan

Pay per month for convenience

$99 $ 89 Per Month
  • Dedicated Hosting Included
  • Up to 7 Pages
  • Secure Website
  • Search Engine Optimization Built In
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Speed Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Weekly Backups - Auto Updates

Custom Website

Enterprise Package

  • Does your company require a large website?
  • If your website has specific needs or you want extra features such as gift card purchasing, this is the package for you.
  • We would love to go over our custom enterprise plans with you.
  • Reach out to us today to get started so we can make sure you get a product that truly works for your needs.
  • Let us build your dream website today.

What Clients Say

Website Features

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimized

OptimonsterDM uses the best practices to make sure your website falls within Google's 200+ algorithm. We make sure your website naturally gets noticed

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

A mobile responsive website is not only essential for increasing conversions, but is a ranking factor amongst Google. Every OptimonsterDM restaurant website is built so your customers can easily find important information on both desktop and mobile devices.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

We here at OptiMonsterDM offer a wide array of website maintenance plans. We offer these plans to keep your website safe from hackers, make updates to your website, create back ups of your website, and fix any technical issue your website could run into.

SSL Certificate

Your website will be secure so all of your users information will be safe. Look for the secure padlock on the left side of your web browser.

Analytics Installation

We install analytics on your website, teach you how to access analytics, and show you the most important key-performance-indicators for your website.

Speed Optimization

We make sure your website loads as fast as possible so your users don't leave your website.

Mobile Responsive

Most users surf the web on their phones in this day and age. Mobile responsiveness is a must for users and is also a ranking factor in Google.

Online Advertising

Search Engine Optimization Built in

We have your website/content to fall within Google's 200+ point algorithm to rank you high in the organic section of Search Engines.


Conversion Set Up

Our websites will funnel users to the most profitable service/product as easily as possible.

Restaurant Marketing Pricing

Facebook Ads Management

$ 299
95 Month
  • Widen Your Outreach
  • Target Customized Audiences
  • Have your account managed by the media monsters!
  • Attract New Loyal Customers
  • Retarget Your Website Visitors
  • Monthly Analytics

Search Engine Optmization

Custom Pricing
  • Rank in "Free" Organic Section of Search Engines
  • Every website has a different starting point for Search Engine Optimization.
  • We diagnose your website and give you a price point based on how much work it needs!
  • Reach out to us today for a Free Estimate

Google Ads Management

$ 399
95 Month
  • Target Keywords
  • Widen your Outreach
  • Have your account managed by the media monsters!
  • Attract New Loyal Customers
  • Retarget your Website Visitors
  • Monthly Analytics

If your business is not growing, it’s dying. We believe Facebook and Google are the very best, most targeted advertising platforms. We think these forms of advertisement are 100% more effective than any other form of advertisement (radio, billboard, direct mail, etc.). 

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